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Conservation Workshop

Centrum Konserwacji Wraków Statków

In the Shipwreck Conservation Centre’s Conservation Workshop all the historic wreckage fragments and other objects are not only preserved, but also reconstructed.

Workshop equipment complies with the latest European conservation standards: from the moment of relic’s purchase, through securing them at the place of extraction by utilising all the necessary technology and commencing the conservation process to the preventive treatment. An interesting solution used in the Shipwreck Conservation Centre is to combine the space intended for conservation of relics with a studio warehouse adapted for tourists. On the mezzanine, on the second floor the visitors will be able to observe each of the stages of the relic’s conservation process.

The workshop is also equipped with an overhead crane with a lifting capacity of 5 tons and mobile platforms that facilitate the transfer and monitoring of large-scale relics. Well-equipped workshops – blacksmith-locksmith and boat building-carpentry – allow for the proper reconstruction of old boats and ships. X-ray laboratory possesses all the required facilities and a scanner that allows for taking as well as processing of X-ray images of the relics from the wet environment. With help of those devices you can properly preserve and protect the researched material and distinguish whether the individual elements of the relics are made of wood, metal or other fabric.

The X-ray laboratory is complemented by the X-ray fluorescence spectrometer which helps in the analysis of the elemental composition of metallic objects. Our technology for the conservation of wet archaeological wood – a specialized bath system – facilitates the conservation processes and the metal preservation technology – blast machine and micro blast machine – are useful for removing rust deposits on the metal relics.