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The renovation of the Gdańsk Crane is underway with no delay. The pace of work can be observed in the latest photos

The comprehensive conservation, renovation and modernization of the Gdańsk Crane has been in progress in line with the plan and under strict supervision of the heritage conservator. There has been 11 months since signing the agreement with the contractor, and the results of construction works can be admired up front. The conservation works refer to the walls and the roof where the new tiles were mounted.

Crane Transformation

Not only does the investor – the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk – await the results of the modernization of the historic port crane, but also the inhabitants of Gdańsk and tourists. The most important works were performed inside the building, including the new reinforced concrete ceilings, stairs, and walls of the installation shaft. At the same time, the structure of two passages was replaced; they enable the communication between the towers.
– The works related to waterproof insulation of the external basement walls of both towers were completed, i.e., in the form of tight reinforced concrete open tank structure, and after backfilling the excavations and setting up the scaffolding, the conservation works moved on to the brick façades. Moreover, the conservation works within the hoist wooden structure have been started – explains dr Robert Domżał, director of NMM.
The comprehensive works also refer to the roof. – The northern tower is mostly covered with tiles imported specially from Italy. Whereas at the southern tower, the elements of steel and wooden structure were cleaned and secured, and the roof formwork was replaced – adds dr Robert Domżał.

Current scope of work

Currently, the construction workers perform the reinforced concrete stairs and walls and the construction of the top ceilings. This applies to the loft of both towers.
– Inside, the conservation works are also conducted, including careful removal of plaster, brick cleaning and wood protection. All the time, there is a lot going on at the roof. At the northern tower, the tiles are being laid, and the southern tower is having its roof cover replaced – describes Szymon Kulas, deputy director of administration and technical affairs at NMM. At the same time, brick cleaning, joint replacement, repointing and façade colour equalization are in progress.

The pace of modernization works is impressive

The subsequent months will result in completing the construction works in the towers, which will allow to mount the installations and internal systems in the building. Moreover, it will be possible to start the finishing works. All systems will be supplied to individual floors with no interference in the historic structure of the building.
– External and internal conservation works as well as roofing works on both towers will be continued. Moreover, the replacement of window and door joinery as well as lattice gates closing the gate passage will begin – adds Szymon Kulas.
The scaffolding at the hoist is being set up, and soon the conservation works of the wooden façade and roofing works over the hoist structure will begin.

Awaiting the new attraction of Gdańsk

After the renovation, a completely new sightseeing route will be established in the Crane. It will include interactive stations, holograms, mock-ups, and panoramic and touch screens. At the new exhibition, the narrative will be provided by Hans Kross, a seventeenth century Gdańsk merchant and shipowner.
– He will take the visitors through the dangerous world of maritime shipping and interesting customs related to the merchant transactions of that time. He will present the methods of storing and handling goods, as well as the techniques of building and repairing ships – explains dr Marcin Westphal, deputy director of science at NMM.
He will also present the interiors of burghers’ houses and port taverns, where the city vibrant life was bustling. – The Crane is a historical treasure of technology and the oldest medieval port crane in Europe. The completed works will contribute to the preservation of this unique facility for future generations, improve the comfort of visiting the site, and thanks to the energy efficiency solutions, reduce the environmental burden – adds dr Marcin Westphal.


The investment is estimated at nearly PLN 18 million. The project implementation is co-funded from external sources: nearly PLN 13 million is covered by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway under the EEA funds, and over PLN 2 million comes from the funds of the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, while NMM’s own contribution (from the funds of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage) amounts to over PLN 2.5 million. Przedsiębiorstwo Budowlane „Skorłutowski” spółka jawna Jerzy i Ewa Skorłutowscy is the contractor of this investment. The entire project shall be completed in spring 2024.

The project “Maintenance, renovation and modernization of the Gdańsk Crane – a branch of the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk with the creation of a new permanent exhibition” is funded by Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the EEA Grants and Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

Iceland Liechtenstein Norway Grants National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk Ministry of Culture and National Heritage

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