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“The Copper Ship”

We are proud to present the latest publication of the National Maritime Museum in Gdansk entitled “The Copper Ship – a Medieval Shipwreck and Its Cargo”. Dedicated to the pioneers of maritime archaeology in Poland, this diligently prepared and beautifully published title constitutes a compendium of one of the greatest discoveries in the field of underwater archaeology in Poland.

“The Copper Ship” is a bilingual (English – Polish) joint publication edited by Waldemar Ossowski, PhD, which presents comprehensive results of the archaeological studies conducted on the shipwreck of a medieval vessel, commonly known as the Copper Ship, excavated in 1975-1976 from the seabed of the Gulf of Gdansk (area of Gdansk port roadstead).

A rich assortment of goods in the ship’s cargo and their excellent condition after a period of six hundred years spent underwater make the Copper Ship one of the most interesting discoveries of this kind on a European level. Publication of final comprehensive results regarding this extraordinary discovery was possible upon completion of conservation works and research projects aimed at conducting a full analysis of all recovered artefacts.

Authors of “The Copper Ship” include professional staff of the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk and researchers from academic and museum institutions invited by the Museum. The publication provides a detailed description of excavation research and conservation works, the process of hull reconstruction, as well as the Copper Ship’s cargo. Studies related to the ship’s equipment and personal belongings of the crew constitute a significant part of the book.

“The Copper Ship” is a second volume of the Archaeological Research of the National Maritime Museum series. The publication consists of sixteen detailed studies which present a unique collection of artefacts recovered from the shipwreck, academic achievements of Polish researchers and institutions in underwater archaeological research conducted in the Baltic Sea, as well as historical studies of the maritime commerce of the 15th century. Authors of individual chapters are experts in various fields, which makes this publication a comprehensive monograph of the shipwreck.

The project has been financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage.

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