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• Museum ship "Sołdek" and "Dar Pomorza" are closed (until December 31, 2022) due to the winter season
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Seminar in Gdańsk

“Maritime traditions in European waters” is the second edition (the first edition held in 2009) of the seminar on maritime heritage protection, with main focus on functioning vessels of historical value, organised by PMM. This topic is discussed in all European countries on account of problems with preservation, conservation and protection of boats and ships which, despite the passage of time, are still fulfilling their original purpose. Legal acts and regulations constitute an additional problem as they are not suitable for vessels constructed 50 years ago and for financial possibilities of their owners who are often private individuals. The seminar held on November 8th in the Maritime Culture Centre, a new PMM department, was attended by i.a.: Per Jesing (Sweden), head of European Maritime Heritage, Holger Bellgardt (Germany), representative of the Baltic Sail Committee, Dr Robert Domżał, PMM, Dr Karsten Seidel (Germany), the Ikerconsulting company, Wolfgang Weis (Germany), owner of the cutter “Hansine”, and Krzysztof Dębski, manager of “Generał Zaruski” reconstruction project. Per-Inge Lindqvist (Sweden), founder and former director of the Naval Museum in Karlskrona, was the moderator of the meeting, attended by nearly 50 participants.

Managing four historical vessels (“Dar Pomorza”, “Sołdek” and two fishing cutters), the Polish Maritime Museum was pleased to co-organise the seminar with the Baltic Sail Association, aiming both at establishment and reinforcement of contacts and exchange of experience with foreign partners. The meeting resulted in a declaration, drawn up by all of its participants, which was addressed to EU institutions responsible for policies related to and financial resources distributed to the protection of common European maritime heritage.

Awarding three participants – Holger Bellgardt (Hanse Sail Rostok), Katarzyna Nowicka and Robert Domżał (PMM) – for reinforcement of international cooperation and promotion of tourism in the Baltic sea area with Bliza International awards given to them by Fryderyk Tomala, head of the Society of Friends of Maritime Museum in Gdańsk, was a nice addition to the seminar.