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Polish President Bronisław Komorowski in Maritime Culture Centre

On Tuesday, October 30th, 2012, President Komorowski visited the Maritime Culture Centre, the newest department of the Polish Maritime Museum in Gdańsk.

Hosted by Jerzy Litwin, the PMM Director, the President paid a visit to an interactive exhibition “People – ships – ports”, situated on the first floor of the museum. Being the museum’s most popular exhibition, it is especially appreciated by children. No other exhibition in Poland presents information related to the maritime subject in such an integrated and interactive way. The President was watching pupils from Grade 2 A of the Armia Krajowa Primary School No. 2 in Gdańsk steering remote-controlled miniatures of sailing boats in a special water tank and even joined them in a sailing regatta. Afterwards, accompanied by the City representatives and invited guests, the President continued his visit with a dinner in the “Full Ahead!” restaurant, situated on the 4th floor, with a beautiful view of the Motława river, Ołowianka Island and Gdańsk marina.

President Komorowski’s visit in Gdańsk has been planned for the ceremony of hoisting a flag on the legendary sailing ship “Generał Zaruski”. The vessel was built in Sweden in 1939 on the initiative of General Mariusz Zaruski. It arrived in Poland after the war and has served for educational purposes for many years. In 2008, Gdańsk authorities decided to purchase the vessel, which was falling into decay, and to start a reconstruction process of this historic sailing ship. The “Gdańsk Rescues the Sailing Ship” project received widespread recognition, it was supported by the Polish Maritime Museum.