• The "Motława" ferry due to renovation works, does not operate (until about December 6, 2022)
• Museum ship "Sołdek" and "Dar Pomorza" are closed (until December 31, 2022) due to the winter season
• The Crane remains closed to visitors due to renovations - read

The Granaries on Ołowianka Island Closed

Please be informed that the Granaries on Ołowianka Island will be closed to visitors starting September 25th 2012 due to the beginning of the fire protection system renovation. The ship museum “Sołdek”, moored to the Ołowianka bank, will remain open from Tuesday to Sunday 10:00am – 4:00pm.

The fire protection system renovation has been divided into two stages: the ground floor of the Granaries will be opened to visitors at the end of November 2012 presenting a new temporary exhibition “TO BOARD!”. The remaining exhibition halls will have been opened by the end of the year.