• The "Motława" ferry due to renovation works, does not operate (until about December 6, 2022)
• Museum ship "Sołdek" and "Dar Pomorza" are closed (until December 31, 2022) due to the winter season
• The Crane remains closed to visitors due to renovations - read

OKM becoming beautiful

Construction works on the Maritime Culture Centre (OKM) have been going on for 20 months. At present the building undergoes finishing works. Stone and wooden floors are laid. In technical facilities technological floors are placed (made of epoxy resin). Lifts, and foot-paths being elements of the staircase in the main hall of the building are being assembled.

Simultaneously with the finishing touches inside the building, fittings and interior design works are being carried out. Our laboratories have already been equipped with special furniture and relevant research apparatus which will be used in conservation works. A freeze-dryer is being mounted, and our Educational Department is intensively cooperating with the Mega company from Oleśnica to prepare an interactive exhibition. Another exhibition, “Boats of Peoples of the World”, is well advanced, and the building is furnished with office equipment.

Inhabitants of Gdańsk can see the whole façade of the OKM building. So it is worth taking a walk along the Gdańsk historic city centre and appreciate the looks of new buildings along Długie Pobrzeże.

Managers of the Museum hope that first visitors to the Maritime Culture Centre will arrive in Spring 2012.