• The "Motława" ferry due to renovation works, does not operate (until about December 6, 2022)
• Museum ship "Sołdek" and "Dar Pomorza" are closed (until December 31, 2022) due to the winter season
• The Crane remains closed to visitors due to renovations - read

The Port of Gdansk to learn

Along the trail following the fairway and the lighthouse beacons, with the skillful eye of the camera and the agile brushstroke of the artist…

An exquisite collection of beautiful and unique views depicted in paintings, drawings and contemporary photographs presents the history of the Port of Gdansk as Poland’s major sea trade centre throughout the centuries.

These are the highlights awaiting you at Dolomitowa Hall in the Granaries on Ołowianka Island hosting the exhibition “The Port of Gdansk – We Build History” organized by the Port of Gdansk Authority S.A. in collaboration with the Polish Maritime Museum.

Travel back in time and witness through the eye of your imagination the history-in-the-making of the port facility that currently ranks among the leading Baltic seaports.

The youngest visitors will have the opportunity to complete the giant jigsaw puzzle that represents the new, fairy-tale dimension of the Port of Gdansk.

Additionally, a special attraction will be awaiting the visitors at the entrance to the Granaries from the Motława river, near ship-museum SOŁDEK, where throughout the duration of the exhibition the panoramic view of the Port of Gdansk will be provided as the photographic background. For those who e-mail their pictures to promotion@portgdansk.pl and write why the exhibition is worthwhile visiting, there will be a chance to see the port facility in close-up.


Haven’t been there yet? – Come and see it.


“The Port of Gdansk – We Build History”
The Granaries 24.06.2011 – 4.09.2011