• The "Motława" ferry does not operate due to the river embankment renovation until further notice

European Maritime Festival

The Polish Maritime Museum and the city of Gdańsk invite everyone to a lively outdoor event called “European Nautical Fête” held on 20-22 May on the quay of the Isle of Ołowianka. Those who love sailing and nautical tales are welcome to the sun-drenched island, to the Motława bank, in the heart of the old port – with shanty music resounding all around.

Undoubtedly, the highlight of the event will be the boatbuilding show. German, Swedish and Polish boatbuilders will continue the construction of the traditional wooden boat brought from Rostock, Germany. In front of the Museum’s main building, around the three historic Granaries, some finished sports and recreational wooden vessels will be exhibited, and visitors will have an opportunity to see rope splicing, sail making and sailcloth dyeing, and sailboat building. Children can take part in painting a huge seascape The Battle of Oliwa, on canvas fixed on the walls of “Copper” Granary. Families are welcome to the indoor interactive exhibition called Life on Merchant and Naval Ships. On the Sołdek ship an underwater diver will present professional diving equipment and talk about underwater work. On the quay there will be an “archaeological site” – a big box full of “treasure”, where children can dig out “artefacts” hidden in the sand. Visitors will also have an opportunity to make their own souvenirs: to mint a commemorative coin with a certificate, to have a picture taken against a background of a marine painting, or to burn one’s name in a plank. On Saturday and Sunday, the Granaries and the Sołdek will be open from 10 a.m. till 6 p.m. All the exhibitions will be free. During the whole event the ferry at the Crane will carry visitors across the Motława to the Isle of Ołowianka free of charge.

See you on the Maritime Days!

European Maritime Festival – agenda – pdf file