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Ignacy Klukowski – The Marine Painter

An interesting exhibition of painting has been inaugurated at the CMM main building on Ołowianka: Ignacy Klukowski – The Marine Painter. This is the ninth exhibition in the series Polish Artists and the Sea, and its goal is to recall the artist and to present the marine elements of his artistic output.

Ignacy Klukowski (1908-1978) studied painting in Vilnius (1927-1932) under Ludomir Śleńdziński and in Paris (1932-1937) under P.A. Laurens and L. Roger. In 1945, he brought his family to Gdańsk and went to live here. His paintings document the WWII destruction of the Main Town of Gdańsk by evoking the artist’s vision of its burnt out ruins. While working as an artist, Klukowski also started monument conservation work. He was involved in projects of such importance as the conservation of the Red Hall of the Main Town Hall, the interior of the Arthur’s Court or the Holy Virgin Mary church. Klukowski’s marine painting started before WWII, when he toured the coastal regions of Provence and Brittany, painting seascapes and cityscapes of harbour towns. After WWII, his work also included views of Gdańsk and, what was new in his painting, industrial landscapes of the Gdańsk ports and shipyards. He would also do genre painting (fishermen) and was a renowned portraitist. He remained a realist painter till the end of his life.

“Ignacy Klukowski – The Marine Painter”
The Granaries 28.05.2011 – 4.09.2011