• The museum ships "Sołdek" and "Dar Pomorza" are closed due to the winter season
• The "Motława" ferry does not operate due to the river embankment renovation until further notice
• The Crane remains closed to visitors due to renovations - read

OKM keeps growing day by day

The Maritime Culture Centre (OKM), now under construction between the Crane and the Hanza Hotel, keeps growing every day. Construction works are being carried out on the sixth storey. Floor has been shored up over the fourth storey, and some of the boarding has been raised for the other outer walls. Reinforcement is being laid and concreted. Masonry work has begun on the ground-floor and first-floor partitions. Progress seems the greatest from the side of the Crane, where the OKM building has been raised to the attic, and gable outlines can already be seen. Windows are being fitted in the Tokarska street wall. The reinforced concrete works will continue for about a fortnight. At the same time, the utility systems are being installed. Most of the service connections to the building have been made. The builders are completing construction works and hope they will manage to roof the building by the end of the year. Let us hope these plans are not thwarted by harsh winter…