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Deluge, flood

How to control water? Are we threatened by flooding? How to protect ourselves against flooding? Those are the questions addressed by our new exhibition which opened on 30 June in the Spichlerze Hall on Ołowianka Island.

The exhibition is a Polish edition of the “Vor uns die Sintflut” exposition from the Port Museum in Bremen (Hafenmuseum Speicher XI).
The exhibition consists of 18 posters, showing various aspects of risks associated with water. Famous arrases from the Wawel Royal Castle illustrate the Biblical myth of the Deluge; there are also presented scientific hypotheses on this Biblical event. Flood classification is accompanied by many examples from the history of Poland and Gdańsk (such as the flood of 1829 which left traces on the granary “Panna” and the recent flood disaster of 2001). The exhibition also shows methods of controlling and mitigating the consequences of floods. One part of the exhibition describes mechanisms of climate change and forecasts of its consequences. The Bremen Museum supported the exhibition with photographs showing Antarctica and Greenland jeopardised by melting icebergs, and also simulations of the Baltic Sea under ice in the next 100 years and consequences of that for the Baltic animals.
The posters are accompanied by equipment used to fight water, such as axes, saws and ice shovels, mechanical pumps and a modern machine for filling anti-flooding sacks.
The exhibition is completed by the movie “Wyszogród 66” by Krzysztof Szmagier.

“Deluge, flood”
The Granaries 30.06.2008 – 30.09.2008