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Kronan – The Treasure Ship

A real treat for history and archaeology enthusiasts! Poland’s very first exhibition of objects coming from the legendary Swedish royal shipwreck Kronan.

From 30th June you will be able see in The Polish Maritime Museum canons on their carriages, pistols, bullets, golden, silver and copper coins, Baroque wooden ship-side ornaments, a ship’s bell, compass and other navigation equipment, and also a lot of sailors’ everyday objects, together representing a valuable source of knowledge about life in Sweden in 1500-1700.

The Polish Maritime Museum is the only place where you can see the exhibition in Poland. Its educational value is additionally strengthened by having it by the permanent exhibition presenting historical objects from the Solen, the Swedish shipwreck. Both shipwrecks, Solen and Kronan, come from the same century, both used to be Swedish ships, and both sank during war battles. We believe that while comparing the two we may easily identify their uniqueness, and also show the differences and similarities.

Kronan (Crown in translation) was built in 1665. The ship had a very impressive size at its time, and it was also heavily armed, making it one of the most powerful ships of its times. Kronan sank on the 1st of July 1676, nine months after the beginning of the Danish-Swedish war of the Baltic Sea. The ship exploded close to Oland, one of the Baltic islands. It took place in the beginning of the battle between the Swedish and the allied Danish-Dutch fleet. The battle is known in Swedish history as the Battle for South Oland. The consequences of the battle made it one of the biggest maritime catastrophes in the history of Sweden. Kronan sank with 800 sailors on board. Only 50 of them survived the catastrophe.
Anders Frazen, a famous researcher and discoverer of the Vasa shipwreck, discovered the shipwreck in 1980.

All of you interested in history and underwater archaeology are warmly welcome to visit us.

The catalogue produced in our Museum accompanies the exhibition.

“Kronan – The Treasure Ship”
The Granaries 30.06.2007 – 2.10.2007