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Four seasons on the Vistula River

The exhibition presents a part of the landscape of the Middle Vistula Valley. The photographs were taken over the last few years in the four nature sanctuaries: Ławice Kiełpińskie (Kiełpin Sandbanks), Kępy Kazuńskie (Kazuń Clusters), Ruska Kępa (Russian Cluster) oraz Zakole Zakroczymskie (Zakroczym Bend). They result from the fascination of the Vistula nature and pure character of the Queen of Polish Rivers which is one of the most valuable water ecosystem in Europe.

The Vistula River Valley is the mainstay of wildlife and habitat of rare species of flora. It is surronded by sultry riparian forests, riverside thickets, full of mosqitos and nettle and makes an impression of being inaccessible. But it will only suffice to forget about these inconveniences and enjoy the beauty of a unspoilt nature.

“Four seasons on the Vistula River”
The Vistula River Museum 27.06.2007 – 27.11.2008