• The branches of the museum participating in the Long Night of Museums 2024 will be closed during daylight hours on 18 and 19 May, with the exception of the Fisheries Museum in Hel
• The Arsenal of the Granaries on Ołowianka Island is closed until June 14, 2024, due to preparations for the new temporary exhibition
• The "Motława" ferry does not operate due to the river embankment renovation until further notice

Exhibition in The Vistula Lagoon Museum

National Maritime Museum presented on the exhibitions in The Vistula Lagoon Museum history of the shipbuilding and fishing on the Vistula Lagoon.
Some of the most interesting exhibits are: original shipbuildings’ workshop form the Łaszka around Sztutowo and impressive, ten-metre longboat – fishing boat with the sails drive. The interesting fact is that it was still used for fishing in 1960’s.
Impressive is also complete shipbuilders’ tools from the turn of the XIX – XX century, including several planes used for wood working.

In the museum you can also see traditional fishing boats from the Vistula Lagoon – żakówka, and ice boat – Ludowy 8 called also “Weiland”, from the constructor name.
Museum’s collection is enriched by the board exhibition: “Lighthouses history”.