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• Museum ship "Sołdek" and "Dar Pomorza" are closed (until December 31, 2022) due to the winter season
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1st Cultural Heritage Forum

Merja-Liisa Hinkkanen: Common Sea, Common Culture? On Baltic Maritime Communities in the 19th Century text file

Michael Andersen: Mare Balticum – Reflections in the Wake of an Exhibition text file

Christer Westerdahl: Scando-Baltic Contacts during the Viking Age text file

Fred Hocker: Baltic Contacts in the Hanseatic Period text file

Mirosław Kuklik: Selected Issues of the Sea Fishery Heritage of the Polish Baltic Coast text file

Marcus Lindholm: Underwater Cultural Heritage – a short report from the Åland Islands text file

Friedrich Lüth: Underwater Cultural Heritage – present situation along the German East Coast in the State of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern text file

Flemming Rieck: Underwater Cultural Heritage – the Danish situation text file

Willi Kramer: Report from Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) text file

Iwona Pomian: Underwater Cultural Heritage in Poland text file

Sallamaria Tikkanen: Underwater Cultural Heritage in Finland – short introduction text file

Ants Kraut: Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage in Estonia – current situation text file

Juris Urtāns: Report from Latvia text file

Vladas Žulkus: Underwater Cultural Heritage in Lithuania – recent work text file

Frode Kvalø: Management of Underwater Heritage – a short presentation of the Norwegian situation text file

Petr Sorokin: The Underwater Archaeological Heritage of North-western Russia text file

Peter Norman: Underwater Culture Heritage – short report from Sweden text file

Marcus Lindholm: Baltic Lights – a short report from the Åland Islands text file

Morten Hahn-Pedersen: Reports on Baltic Lights – Denmark text file

Urmas Dresen: Maritime Heritage and Coastal Culture – Baltic Lights, Estonia text file

Marja Pelanne: Report on Baltic Lights – Finland text file

Andris Biedriņš: Lighthouses Along the Coast of Latvia text file

Laisvūnas Kavaliauskas, Jonas Genys: Lithuania’s Lighthouses text file

Eivind Lande: Lighthouses in Norway text file

Robert Domżał: Polish “Baltic Lights”: Resources, Conservation, Presentation text file

Per-Olof Remmare: Short Report on the Present Situation of the Lighthouses in Sweden text file

Margaretha Ehrström: Urban Heritage of the Baltic Sea Region text file

Ann Mari Westerlind: Sustainable Historic Towns – activities in Sweden, presentation of the pilot town Ystad text file

Gisle Erlien: Sustainable Historic Towns – activities in Norway text file

Torbjørn Eggen: Presentation of the Pilot Town Roros in Norway text file

Jim Nerdal: Pilot Town Mosjøen in Norway text file

Marianne Lehtimäki: Sustainable Historic Towns – activities in Finland text file

Juhani Hallasmaa: Presentation of the Pilot Town Forssa in Finland text file

Alfredas Jomantas, Jurate Jureviciene: Enhancement of Druskininkai’s Urban Heritage text file

Håkan Hökerberg: Methods for Preservation Planning text file

Hain Toss: Sustainable Historic Towns in Estonia text file

Hans Sandström: Baltic Sea Identity – Common Objectives text file

Tarmo Elvisto: Information Centre for Building Preservation text file

Ann Lepp: Kalamaja – Possibilities of a Wooden Town text file

Sakari Mentu: Production and Use of Wood Tar (Finland) text file

Ilmars Dirveiks: Restoration of Ungurmuiā Manor House – a Latvian-Swedish co-operation project text file

Irma Grigaitiene: Traditional Building Crafts in Lithuania text file

Tadeusz Sadkowski: Log Houses at the Open Air Museum in Wdzydze Kiszewskie, Poland text file

Jorn Andreasen: The Nordic Centre for Traditional Crafts text file

Tatyana Saprykina: The Mir Castle Complex text file

Jerzy Litwin: Shipbuilding Techniques from the Medieval Age Onwards text file

Åsmund Kristiansen: Ship Preservation and Ship Preservation Centres in Norway text file

Romaldas Adomavièius: The Return of the Kurėnas: Sailing Boats of the Fishermen of the Curonian Lagoon text file

Per-Olof Remmare: Introduction to the Seminar Coastal Culture – A Resource Towards Sustainable Development and Growth text file

Marcin Gawlicki: Actual Problems of the Polish Coastal Landscape, Architecture and Cultural Heritage Protection text file

Jo van der Eynden: New Uses for Old Lighthouses text file

Gabriele Prenzlau-Enander: King Valdemar’s Sailing Route – the Oldest Sailing Route in the Baltic Sea Region text file

Agneta Olsson: Cultural Heritage and Bohusläns Museum in the Swedish Coastal Zone – a resource for local development and activities text file

Władysław Stępniak: The Archival Heritage of Baltic Sea States and the “Memory of the World” Programme text file